Wireless data logging and monitoring system

Introducing spYdaq – a brand-new, world-class wireless monitoring system that is adaptable, efficient, easy to use, reliable, and highly cost-effective.

With spYdaq, you can deploy sensors in all kinds of situations and locations – including many where hard-wired systems cannot go – and monitor everything directly from a PC desktop with our easy-to-use software. You can even monitor remotely from a laptop, or any computer anywhere in the world, using our special GPRS/web link.

At the heart of the spYdaq system is the BaseStation, which receives data from up to 16 remote transmitters, and passes it to a PC, either via a Modbus RTU, USB, or by GPRS direct to the spYdaq website, whch can be accessed anywhere in the world. Each transmitter can have up to three inputs – temperature, relative humidity and universal – and sends it via a licence-free ISM radio band, using a sophisticated data redundancy system (patent pending), to ensure virtually error-free data acquisition.


Low cost

Quick and easy to install

Simple to use

Secure, inviolate data

Reliable radio transmission

Battery life in excess of 6 years

GPRS/web link for world-wide remote access

Modbus/USB for local use

400 metre line-of-sight range

SL50 series

Single Channel ‘Button’ Temperature Data Logger

The SL50 series are self-contained single channel temperature data loggers that can operate from -40°C to +140°C and can record temperature, or temperature and humidity. They are very small (about the same size as a watch battery) so they can be inserted into small items and packages.

Signatrol SL50


Low Cost 

Small size 

UKAS traceable calibration option 

Rugged and Reliable 

Range of Accessories 

Simple, intuitive configuration 

Data export options 

Temp/RH/Dewpoint (SL54TH)


In-Transit Temperature Data Logger

The SL151T is used by carriers and QA departments of food, pharmaceutical and other industries to provide easily accessed, precise temperature data of goods in transit or storage. Housed in a robust sealed plastic tag, the SL151T can be located inside a packing case, on a pallet or attached directly to the product. Powered by an internal battery, the SL151T will log at programmable intervals. Setting of tag details or alarm thresholds, and downloading the stored data, is achieved by simply placing the logger onto a wireless reader which links directly to a PC, where TempIT software can display any required information.

Signatrol SL151T


Secure Data

Compact and Robust

Fully Sealed Construction

Food Grade ABS

Unique Wireless Downloading

1 Year Unconditional Warranty

Magnetic Start

Start on Event