We are dedicated to providing the tools, protocols and procedures, software and standards to help you achieve regulatory compliance in the laboratory. 

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V:KIT is a unique and independent system for qualifying analytical instruments. It’s a system for the OQ/PQ qualification of HPLC, GC and GCMS, also tablet dissolution instruments and processes. V:KIT is designed to fit all needs, from the smallest to the largest organisation.

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HPLC V:KIT protocols include:

  • Pump flow rate accuracy and precision
  • Gradient composition accuracy and linearity
  • UV/Vis, PDA/DAD and fluorescence detector wavelength accuracy
  • UV/Vis, PDA/DAD, fluorescence, refractive index and ELS and conductivity response linearity
  • Autosampler injection volume precision and carry-over
  • Autosampler injection volume linearity
  • Column oven and autosampler tray temperature accuracy
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LCMS V:KIT protocols include:

  • Mass Accuracy test
  • Signal to noise test
  • Pump Flowrate and Gradient proportioning test
  • Autosampler Precision, linearity & carryover test
  • Temperature Accuracy and Stability for Column and Sample Compartments
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GCMS V:KIT protocols include:

  • Mass Accuracy test
  • Signal to noise test
  • Autosampler precision/mass ratio test
  • RFPA test (suitable for Agilent MS only)
  • Column oven, inlet and detector temperature accuracy & stability
  • Inlet pressure accuracy and tightness
  • Inlet and detector flow accuracy (inc. split, purge)
  • Autosampler injection precision, carryover and retention time reproducibility
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GC V:KIT protocols include:

  • Column oven, inlet detector and detector temperature accuracy
  • Column oven, inlet and detector temperature stability
  • Inlet pressure accuracy and tightness
  • Inlet and detector flow accuracy (including split, purge, make-up, fuel gases
  • Autosampler injection precision, carryover and retention-time reproducibility
  • Detector response linearity (FID/TCD)

What does V:KIT consist of?
Windows-based software to create and manage qualification protocols, and deliver controlled consistent qualification tests

Traceable chemical reference standards
Standard operating procedures

Who can use it?
Suitably trained personnel can use V:KIT as a tool to provide instrument qualification in regulated laboratories, such as those inspected by the FDA

What do I need to get started?
Use the Contact Us page to tell us your requirements. We can advise on the software platform best suited  to your needs, and the correct choice of kits to suit your instrument configurations.

What are the benefits of using V:KIT?
There many benefits include efficiency, consistency and compliance:

V:KIT uses one standard approach – regardless of instrument manufacturer, providing the potential of consistent performance across all your equipment on all sites

V:KIT provides the potential for your metrology group, service provider, or analysts to perform qualifications

Control – you can define qualification protocols to meet your own requirements

The user-friendly software, SOPs, and reference standards work seamlessly together

Used correctly, V:KIT can aid compliance to regulations issued by international authorities such as FDA (USA), MHRA (UK), IMB (Ireland), etc